Ukraine is a country for starting a business

Business in Ukraine is progressing rapidly.
Ukraine is a country for starting a business

Business in Ukraine is progressing rapidly.

The great interest in the business in Ukraine is explained by taxation and the focus of state development. It is planned to reduce taxes from 16% to 3% through the Diia.City project for the future.

Nowadays is possible to choose the most convenient form of business in Ukraine: sole proprietorship, limited liability company, etc. All units have special relevance to a particular niche. It is possible to choose an interesting and also favorable form of doing business, depending on your intentions.

The main condition for doing business in Ukraine is its legality.

This procedure requires a solid and in-depth grasp of the law. The understanding of the regulations and formation of new business units is mandatory. Because of the constant changes in the regulations on company formation, a professional approach is especially relevant.

We work according to all legislative norms, being familiar with all the legal changes. Thus, the official opening of a company with the help of our lawyers occurs in the shortest terms.

Enterprise registration at the state level, changes in the unified register of Ukraine are governed by the rules of the Civil, Tax and Commercial Codes, the Law of Ukraine "On state registration of legal entities and physical persons-entrepreneurs", the Law of Ukraine "On Limited Liability Companies and Additional Liability" and some other regulations.

The latest changes in legislation that regulates the opening of a business in Ukraine is: Required documents are:

  • copy of passport;
  • copy of tax number;

If documents package is submitted by a representative, it is necessary to provide a notarized attorney power. The head of the company must be personally present at the notary (with passport and TIN) while executing this document.

The procedure for registration of a limited liability company has also changed
  • The following information must be provided when registering an LLC:
  • data on the future legal entity;
  • fixing the size of the share capital, founding participation;
  • fixing the taxation system;
  • selection of the main types of activities

Diia.City is a new project for the development of the state, providing primarily additional rights for businesses, namely:

  • freedom of activity (each resident has the right to choose forms of cooperation with third parties independently);
  • state impartiality;
  • stability is the regime is introduced for 15 years (minimum);
  • formality of the procedure for obtaining the resident status;
  • establishment of additional contacts and mechanisms of rights protection

All innovations contribute to the quality of attracting investment, making it easier to do business.
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