Government aid

Government aidIТ-business is characterized by loyal taxes, total protection from illegal operations of law enforcement or controlling organizations, and favorable conditions for attracting investments. Diia City helps IT companies to obtain all of these advantages.
Diia City operates on the principle of a "transparent legal regime," which expands the opportunities for the progressive promotion of Ukrainian startups and product companies.

Why you should choose Diia City:
  • safe and honest business operations;
  • opportunities for long-term investments;
  • virtual business on favorable terms;
  • STEM-education of worldwide level in Ukraine;
  • your intellectual property is protected.
Convenient interaction: selection of a convenient cooperation form for sole proprietors and IT specialists.

Diia City is transitioning to comfortable legal regimes satisfactory to everyone in the marketplace. Meaning, participation in Diia City is optional. Thus, the freedom of choice will help the project expand the market tremendously.

Alexander Bornyakov emphasized that participation in Diia City is entirely voluntary, if the company is not interested to cooperate on the outlined in project conditions, it can operate on ordinary labor conditions.

The main advantage of the project is favorable taxes, namely:

Personal income tax - 5% instead of 18%, military fee - 1.5%, ERU - 22% of MHP, tax on the withdrawn capital - 9% instead of income tax (18%).

Diia City is dedicated to creating an effective collaborative environment by introducing: GIG contracts, that are a guarantee of protection all employees are entitled to. In this way, thanks to Diia City, IT professionals get a working environment with "guarantees".

This project is an unconditional engine of both the IT industry and the economy as a whole. The main goal for the Digital Ministry is to increase the share of the IT sector in Ukraine to 10% of GDP (at the moment it is in the range of 3-4%). Moreover, the project guarantees the development of the IT sector with annual growth from 40 to 50% owing to the use of active stimulus. At present, the annual rate is from 20 to 30%. The Diia City is the guarantor of income increase in IT sector, during 5 years it may grow up to $ 16, 5 bln (at $ 6 bln, which is at the moment).

At this point, we can observe an active process of Diia City's legislative framework. The authors of bill №4303 managed to track an incredible amount of feedback from businesses. The content of the finalized bill is registered in the Parliament. This document is a compromise that takes into account the wishes of the IT community and the best provisions for future legislation.
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