Apply the basics of good farming in high-quality technology researching

We own a full fleet of equipment and the largest agricultural drone fleet
Assistance in the purchase or the formation of NWR logistics
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Qualitative development of technology and implementation assistance
High-quality soil treatment, specifically the application of mineral fertilizers in dry or liquid form, is an important and indispensable step before the sowing process.
Drying the plants, harvesting process, sale on domestic and foreign markets.
Preventative measures to defend plants will save you effort and money, therefore, the next step is protection with self-propelled sprayers and drones, as well as fertilization in the leaf and root zones
Preventive measures
Sowing process
Collection and implementation
Effective solutions
High-quality technological development and implementation assistance
We can help you in developing a unique and upscale technology using satellite monitoring or drones, for deeper analysis and higher production levels. We can assist with the introduction of any solutions at each stage of its implementation. With technological capabilities, all of this has become effortless now.

We also assist with the principles of exact farming in the process of setting all technical equipment. For all modern solutions, we have complete equipment from harrow to flying machines. We can help you to set up convenient and practical online reporting for the farmer.
What is the concept?
The basic concept of the business is the outsourcing of part of the work by farmers

In turn, we deal with work processes daily.
The executive is given time off, to improve the efficiency of the business.
We help improve the profitability of agricultural enterprises
Our mobile teams are always ready to perform any tasks. There are 4 drones in each of our 5 teams. Thanks to technological efficiency, one crew can cultivate about 500 hectares per day. This kind of soil preparation for winter is a guarantee of saving your time as well as strong, fertile soil in fall.
Why choose us?
The key reason is the well-established order of the main business processes, generating additional profits for us. We carry out quality selection and logistics, so we have been working with the world's leading producers of mineral fertilizers, as well as NWR for 20 years. The manufacturer gives the customer a choice of the most suitable forms of financing.
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