Provide profit from the sale of generated electricity
Payback period of 4 years and a stable income
Operate for 25 years, supported by UKINVEST during the entire period

Pay off from 4 years, and in the future - permanent earnings

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The benefits of solar panels
State power buyout approved by NERC No. 447 of March 29, 2019
Expanded capabilities, the ability to gain and retain a share of this market, guaranteed support from international investment organizations
Guaranteed redemption
Long-term perspective
You can forget about bank deposits. All investments pay off fairly quickly, from 16% to 18% per annum
Protection against inflation, linking the tariff to the euro exchange rate
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Detailed calculation and 3D modeling of the project
Dreamed about energy independence? It is easy now! All you need is to install a solar power plant. With high reliability, they are simple and easy to use.

Generating your electricity has never been so profitable because it can be monetized now.
Detailed calculation and 3D modeling of the project
Detailed calculation and 3D modeling of the project
Forget about paying utility bills. You can significantly redistribute costs in your family budget.
A solar power plant isn't just about saving money, it's about making a profitable living.

Invest in the future! Use the green tariff to sell solar power and make a great profit.
We use modern special equipment
We select all certified components. To apply the most innovative equipment, our experts master more than 10 training qualification seminars each year.
Helping you to choose high-performance equipment
To maximize electricity production and payback as quickly as possible, we are involved in a careful selection of solar panels, taking into account the level and location of direct and scattered radiation.
«Green Tariff»
The connection of your power plant to the Green Tariff is handled from start to finish by our team. When you buy a solar power plant, you get this service free of charge.
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