25 years warranty

All season construction
Certified eco-materials
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from 24 m² to 288 m²
UKINVEST is an entirely new and technologically advanced representation of the house, featuring a "step house" function (the possibility of expanding the area of the house) and future transportation
2 production technologies:
Personal and Standard
All materials are environmentally friendly and certified
All materials from tiles, fixtures, plumbing, ventilation, electrical, water, and heating to flooring, windows, doors are produced in the factory by us.

Out experts will help you choose the required layout as well as materials. All interior solutions will be designed exactly according to your wishes.
Flat roof following modular architecture canons
This house is the embodiment of all your desires, it has a complete package, from anthracite facades combined with wood, flat roof, large panoramic windows that overlook the terrace to the facade, lighting, and high-quality materials that help keep "original" condition in the house, protecting it from high humidity and temperature extremes.
Interesting solutions for design planning
UKINVEST is keeping up to date, that's why we offer a functional layout, that uses all the space, and our professional studio provides you with the development of the actual design.
Forget about airing
To get quality fresh air inside the room, it must be constantly ventilated. But what to do when it entails a huge loss of heat in the winter?

We found a convenient solution - the installation of a recuperative ventilation system, that ensures a constant circulation of fresh and preheated air, without the necessity of standard ventilation.
Sealed construction is a guarantee of efficiency
If a house combines the concept of "Passive House", modern technical solutions become a reality, regardless of the time of year. It is possible to save energy consumption even in extreme weather conditions, significantly reducing your costs.
Control your home with your voice, phone, or control panel
All you have to do is say: "Turn the light on in the living room", and it automatically turns on.
Climate control
Health sensor
Sensors, timers, music
Weather station
Appliance control
The house can also be controlled from your phone via WLAN, it is possible to include various devices in the network.
Britain: 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU.