Elastic and scalable release of electric vehicles

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Why should you open a factory in Ukraine?
Market coverage
The higher cost is explained by the fact that the customer sets very short deadlines for implementation, while the complexity of the work is pretty high. But the production of electric cars is an exception. Moreover, we assist at every stage of development, no matter what your position in the field of electric vehicle production is.
Meet demand on all scales
Batteries are always in high demand on the global market. About 40 million new batteries are produced for electric vehicles each year.

To provide power for electric cars around the world, it is obvious that gigawatt capacity is needed, generating up to a billion watts of electricity. Considering the above, we can predict the need for gigawatt power plants, with the number expected to reach 100 marks within the next 10 years.
What services do we provide?
Company registration in Ukraine
At this stage, it becomes clear that in the nearest future, the opening of a plant for the production of electric cars is a very profitable and promising project in Ukraine. Our company will be happy to help you get a full partnership in this business.
You will be given a state document after registration, it will be indicated the legal name of the company, address, number of already issued shares or stocks. In the future, you will be able to execute subsequent corporate documents with this document.
Helping you make a profit
If you decide to become an investor to build an electric vehicle plan, you will choose not only to care about the environment but participate in a promising direction for profits in Ukraine.
Because of official Ukrainian representatives lacking, there is a growing demand for high-quality service.

If you are ready to move to the formal service level, be sure that you will get absolute leadership in this direction while offering high-quality service.
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Registration process
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Business account and its opening
Our specialists help you to choose the right region and company registration form.
We check the availability of the desired name, preparation, filing of documents, and the process of company registration.
Our staff will send an official request to the state authorities to obtain a tax number for your company.
Our staff assists in opening a bank business account without a personal visit of the owner in Ukraine.
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